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Why vaccinate?

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The HPV vaccine helps prevent 90% of HPV cancers. Learn about the power of this vaccine.

HPV Cancers

100 million doses of the HPV vaccine have been administered in the U.S. with no adverse side effects.

Vaccine Safety

Common FAQs

Is the HPV vaccine safe?

Yes. More than 270 million doses of vaccine have been distributed worldwide, with more than 100 million doses in the U.S. Like with all vaccines, HPV vaccine safety is constantly monitored, and these studies continue to show that HPV vaccination is very safe. All medications and vaccines can have side effects. The most common side effects seen with HPV vaccination are mild and are very similar to the reactions from other vaccines. 1,2


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Is the HPV vaccine for boys and girls?

Yes. HPV vaccination is strongly recommended for boys and girls. Vaccination helps protect boys from getting infected with the most common types of HPV that can cause cancers of the throat, penis, and anus. 3


3 What parents should know about HPV vaccine safety and effectiveness. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Published April 22, 2016.Accessed April 4, 2018.

Does the HPV vaccine prevent cancer?

HPV is short for human papillomavirus, a common virus. HPV can cause cancer in men and women. HPV vaccination helps prevent the infections that lead to many HPV cancers.