How We Work

The Mississippi HPV Roundtable is a catalyst to stimulate work on key issues around increasing the HPV vaccination rates.

Our work will be guided by a strategic plan with direction and input from an active Planning Committee, which will oversee all workgroups. Through the efforts of the workgroups, the Roundtable will advance initiatives that focus on provider education, systems improvement, data and technology and community awareness.

A fundamental premise of the Roundtable is that collective action among the member organizations will lead to an increase and sustainability of HPV vaccination rates that we would not realize by working alone. The Roundtable will focus on efforts where we can have a bigger impact through collaboration, communication and coordination. Member organizations will continue to maintain their projects and programs outside of this collaborative space.

Together, members will work to share information, identify needs and opportunities, and enhance programs, activities, and services relating to HPV vaccination. The strength of our partnership, united in mission, will enhance the work of each member and thus effectively further the case of eliminating HPV vaccine-preventable cancers in Mississippi.